Organising Committee


Josh Doble, University of Leeds

Josh is a third year PhD student at the School of History, University of Leeds. His research examines the European settler community of Kenya and Northern Rhodesia/Zambia, mapping their changing political and social dynamics from 1960 into the postcolonial period. His research is funded by WRoCAH (White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities)


Liam Liburd, University of Sheffield

Liam is in the second year of his PhD at the Department of History, University of Sheffield. His thesis is entitled ‘Constructions of Race, Gender and Empire on the Extreme Right in Britain, 1920s to 1960s’ and his doctoral research is funded by the University of Sheffield Research Resource Development Scholarship.


161117-WRoCAH-Ian-Martindale (PARKER Emma - 201049975 - Leeds 151)Emma Parker, University of Leeds 

Emma’s PhD, based in the School of English, examines memoirs and autobiographies by women born in colonies, or former colonies of the British Empire. Looking at texts from southern Africa, the Middle East and the South Pacific, her work examines the impact of imperial legacies on contemporary women’s life writing. Her research is funded by WRoCAH.


Claire McGinn, University of York

Based at the Department of Music, Claire’s PhD focuses on Baltic art musics from the mid-twentieth century to the present, dealing with questions such as whether or not ‘the post in post-Soviet’ is ‘the post in postcolonial’ and examining what kinds of Baltic art music are represented in English-language discourse. Claire holds a full WRoCAH scholarship.

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